Will The Debt Ceiling Deal Destroy My North Carolina Social Security Disability Benefits?

August 21, 2011, by Michael A. DeMayo

North Carolina social security disability beneficiaries, along with others who depend on government programs such as unemployment, Medicare, Medicaid, and workers’ comp. to pay for expenses like rent, food, heat, electricity, and medication are sounding the alarm. The Sunday before last, President Obama and Congressional leaders broke through an impasse, carving out a plan to reduce government spending in exchange for raising the debt ceiling. tend to not to raising Americas credit card limit.

Some commentators say this is a good thing, while others claim it’s bad. But North Carolina social security disability recipients are wondering how this colossal policy change will ultimately impact them. Will the slashing of benefits mean that they will have to make do with less? Will the policy change the economy, and will other macroeconomic factors indirectly impact the social security disability policy? How long will all this take? Who can tell them what they need to do, when, and why?

It’s normal to have these fears and concerns. In fact, even the most deeply informed policy analysts and economists are still wrestling with these and other questions, and it may take a long time before anyone understands the full implications of the agreement made between the President and Congress.

This is the unpleasant reality: we are simply going to have to live with some amount of uncertainty for the time being. On the other hand, these macro changes may be less important to your own path forward than you may believe. Changes in how and why people can access government benefits can have real and substantial impact on beneficiaries. But the sick, ill, and incapacitated have surprising flexibility. In other words, the right strategy can make all the difference. Even if your current benefit, medical, or even financial situation looks bleak, now is not the time to give up hope. There will always be a certain amount of irreducible uncertainty regarding your benefits, your medical prognosis, and the SSD system in general. But that doesn’t mean that uncertainty should make you freeze, leaving you with “analysis paralysis.” Start by identifying exactly what you need, and then take stock of where you are now. Once you have a definite goal in mind, you can progress toward achieving that goal. Then, talk to a North Carolina social security disability law firm for help with attaining your goal.

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