North Carolina Social Security Disability Dilemma

June 15, 2011, by Michael A. DeMayo

North Carolina Social Security Disability applicants face unparallel challenges, frustrations, and potential disappointments. Not only must they contend with serious illness or injury – perhaps a fatal or at least very depressing diagnosis – but they also must simultaneously juggle financial, logistical, and emotional challenges on top of the physical ones.

Google search forums devoted to topics like North Carolina Social Security Disability, and you will hear a common refrain from people trying to help: “Keep a positive attitude.” And it’s true that searching for the bright side of things – looking for the silver lining in the dark ominous clouds – can yield up serious and tangible benefits.

The brain’s reticular activating center (RAC) is a very powerful tool. Essentially, when you focus on a particular topic, mood, or even color, your brain will actually start screening for that stimulus. You can do a little self-experiment to prove this. Think about the color green. Now look around your surroundings. Do green items in your field of view suddenly become prominent? For instance, maybe there are leaves on a tree outside your window that you just suddenly noticed or a green pad of paper near your desk that caught your eye.

The same thing might be true of your mood. If you think happy thoughts, the world will seem a lot happier. So this is a reason why SSD applicants should strive to look on the bright side.

On the other hand, if you ignore your realities and live in fantasyland, you could run a ground of significant frustrations. You need to pay attention to the deadlines for your application. As a patient, you must keep up with your medical history and alert your physician if something doesn’t seem right about the care you are getting. So you need to strike a balance – you want to look at world through rose-colored glasses… but not so rose-colored that they blind your vision.

You may be able to grapple with this dilemma on your own. But why not avail yourself of better resources? A North Carolina Social Security Disability law firm can explain your rights, potential benefits, and possible hurdles.

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