North Carolina Social Security Disability and the Power of Focusing on What You Want

June 21, 2011, by Michael A. DeMayo

North Carolina Social Security Disability applicants – whether they wind up successful at acquiring benefits or not – often feel like victims in more than one areas of their lives. First of all, SSD applicants likely suffer serious physical discomfort due to their injuries/illnesses, and these applicants often must undergo extensive, painful, and scary diagnostic procedures, treatments, and recuperation paths. But it’s not just the physical/medical stresses that make life so difficult for North Carolina Social Security Disability applicants. It’s also the financial stresses, the emotional frustrations, the sense of isolation, the feeling of being overwhelmed and out of control, the fear, and info overload they get when they start reading about possible ways to shortcut their problems and make the system respond better for them.

This blog has talked extensively about how resources, like a trustworthy, experienced North Carolina Social Security Disability law firm, can play a vital role in helping struggling applicants get the results they seek. But ultimately, you are responsible for your own path through life. And no coach, law firm, good Samaritan, relative, or even spouse can identify a totally clear and perfectly calibrated step-by-step life plan.

Of course, no one would dispute this. But if you are struggling with uncertainties and frustrations (like we talked about above), you likely do need some help and guidance. But it’s much better if you can figure out how to derive some guidance for yourself instead of having to rely constantly on other people to tell you what to do and how to do it.

One of the best methods of clarifying what you need involves goal setting. You might have heard this a million times, but it’s well worth repeating. When your brain focuses on a goal, it automatically leverages subconscious mechanisms to get you there. The key is putting in mental effort into getting clarity on what you want – writing it down (or having someone else write it down, if you are too sick or injured), and then visualizing this repeatedly, every morning and night, if need be, until it essentially burns into your brain, and your subconscious believes you will end up there. Obviously, you want to this vision to be a positive one. But if you don’t spend the time to cultivate a positive vision, you may accidentally derive a negative vision – one that ends with you failing in your quest for SSD benefits, sicker than before, friendless, resourceless, etc. No one wants this. But if you don’t take the time to elucidate and clarify what you want – not just out of your experience with the SSD application but with other areas of your life – chances are that you will fall into default beliefs that may not be resourceful for you.

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