North Carolina Social Security Disability: Against All Odds

June 30, 2011, by Michael A. DeMayo

If your application for North Carolina social security disability gets rejected on first pass, the odds of your ultimately succeeding in collecting benefits to pay for your life, medical care, and other essentials are against you.

And that’s scary. Particularly if you suffer from a chronic condition or disease that you believe is destined to lead to death or permanent disability. Yes, you can avail yourself of powerful tools and resources (such as an experienced North Carolina social security disability law firm) to improve your odds and to help you through the process, financially, logistically, and even emotionally. But even still, as long as the uncertainty over your benefits lingers, you will likely feel some degree of tension, frustration, and even depression.

How do you deal with this “against all odds” frustration?

How do you make progress towards getting your benefits and otherwise piecing your life together and improving your medical condition without buckling under, given all the pressures you face from so many different directions?

As we’ve discussed in previous blog posts, the answer boils down to a combination of realism and positivity. On the one hand, you want to acknowledge the obstacles in your way. On the other hand, you want to constantly be on the lookout for good things in your life and potential bright spots.

One very interesting methodology that might be useful for you that comes from, of all places, an internet marketing guru by the name of Rich Schefren. He developed a business theory called Theory of Constraints, which he has put to use to help business owners blast through their marketing obstacles. How is that relevant to North Carolina social security disability questions? Well, first a brief primer on the theory. Essentially, Schefren borrowed an idea from engineering. The idea is to first identify in very clear, crystallized terms a precise goal. For instance, if you run a business, you might want to say “I want to earn $45,000 by the end of the year from my new business.” For an SSD applicant, you might say: “I want a solid budget that’s going to ensure that I get all my medical bills paid for within three months, and I want a complete and thorough diagnosis of my condition done by the best doctors in the US.”

Instead of just plowing towards those goals — which is what most people do — you stop and think. You try to identify all the constraints blocking the goals from being true now. In other words, why don’t you have $45,000 right now from your business? Why don’t you have a complete and through medical diagnosis from the best doctors in the United States regarding your condition?

Once you start to think in these terms – identifying the constraints – you then figure out how to blow through those constraints in the fastest, smartest, and most efficient way possible. There is a lot more to this model, but it may be useful for you if you are stuck with something and you are frustrated by your options. Thinking in terms of the constraints in the system – the pinch points – the reasons why your ideal life is not true now – can help you side step some of the most intractable seeming problems in your life and make the quest to get SSD much more simple and efficient.

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