Is Obtaining North Carolina Social Security Disability an Impossibility?

April 6, 2011, by Michael A. DeMayo

A new blog post at, “Is disability insurance the post unemployment check? Not for many,” highlights a key problem that many people who apply for North Carolina Social Security Disability face. Specifically, once you suffer an illness/injury or find yourself unemployed, you may have trouble cultivating the mental and physical stamina necessary to “pick yourself up by the boot straps.”

Author Ann Brenoff explains the difficulties that many North Carolina Social Security Disability applicants face: “The screening process is so stringent that it even makes qualifying for a mortgage these days look easy. Only about 40% of those who apply get approved at the first step. And that step takes three or four months to process, although the program has a list of 88 diseases and conditions on a sort of fast track system to speed up the process for those with the most serious needs.”

Ms. Brenoff points out, however, it’s not just that the system is calcified and difficult to manage – even for people who are healthy and mentally adept. It’s that unemployment and disability tend to feed on one another. Numerous studies suggest that unemployment lowers self esteem, degrades health, chips away your confidence, and causes or exacerbates other deep seated problems. If you are unemployed, it’s more difficult to afford healthy food. You thus may be tempted to purchase foods like raisins and pasta and cheap sugary drinks – all of which contain nutrients that will spike your blood sugar and insulin levels and potentially cause or exacerbate obesity and diabetes. Hence, unemployment feeds your disability and vice-a-versa. If you’re sick and heavy due to a poor nutrition, you will be less likely to have the energy, stamina and charisma to land and keep a good job.

How does the cycle end? What can break it? The answer is obviously very complex, and a single blog post is not going to magically come up with the answer. But one key is getting help.

If you’re sick and financially struggling and otherwise unwell, there is no reason for you to struggle through your problems on your own. A North Carolina social security disability law firm can help you understand your rights and can develop a blueprint for to help you get back on track with your recovery and job search.

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