Young, Seemingly Healthy…and on North Carolina Social Security Disability

September 12, 2011, by Michael A. DeMayo

Conjure up an image in your mind of an archetypal person who collects North Carolina Social Security Disability.

Perhaps, you thought of an elderly diabetic woman who can barely make ends meet and needs help just dealing with the day-to-day. Or maybe you fixated on an image of an injured factory worker who lost mobility in his legs and suffered a disease or illness that has complicated his recovery. If you are like a normal person, chances are your image of the North Carolina Social Security Disability beneficiary is of someone who is old, sick, or otherwise severely infirm.

But young people go on SSD as well – for a variety of medical reasons, such as chronic illness. And the experience of collecting SSD as a young adult may be quite different. It’s one thing if you are 75 and in ill health. That’s obviously unpleasant. But we all recognize the reality that we will grow more infirm as we get older. But if you are 27 and sick with a serious illness – while your peers and friends are out partying, Facebooking, and living their lives as if they literally have forever – your situation can feel quite lonely, scary, and exasperating.

So if you are young and sick, what can you do to make the most of your situation?

Obviously, you can research support groups online, go to therapy, and spend time every day reflecting in gratitude about what you have in your life (as opposed to what you lack). One critical factor is finding social support. We, as human beings, are very sensitive to the judgments of our peers. We can respond to those judgments or become resilient to them, but it’s folly to ignore the powerful effects of peer group thinking. That’s why support groups are so wonderful – not just because they give you a forum to discuss issues — but also because they allow you to redefine what’s socially normative, and thus help you feel better about your situation and your progress.

For help dealing with the myriad logistical, financial, and legal issues that you confront, talk to an experienced North Carolina Social Security Disability firm.

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