Making the Most Out of Your North Carolina Social Security Disability “Vacation”

July 24, 2011, by Michael A. DeMayo

If you’ve recently developed an illness — and you need significant help, such as North Carolina Social Security Disability benefits just to get by, pay your bills, and deal with the “day-to-day” of your life — odds are you might feel sad, depressed, and nervous about the future. But is all that worrying and agitation really resourceful for you?

Obviously, no one who truly has your interests at heart would suggest that you “blot out” the pain by medicating it away or by doing things like detaching yourself through hours of meditation. You have alarm bells going off for a reason. You shouldn’t ignore them.

But there may be ways to enjoy – or at least get utility out of – your “North Carolina Social Security Disability vacation” that you haven’t yet considered. For instance, maybe you spent your entire career working long — possibly even desperate — hours to support your family and get ahead in the corporate world. Now, you can’t work. You’re sick at home. Maybe now is the time to re-explore an old hobby that you let lie dormant. Or maybe you can use the time to reconnect with old friends or loved ones. Or maybe you can use this time simply to enjoy some introspection – reflecting on your life, working through old hurts and wounds, and reveling in the joys and the beauty of the time that you have left.

Simply change your perspective on what this “time off” means – maybe it’s not a vacation per se in the same way that a Hawaiian vacation is a vacation – but this time provides you the opportunity to reframe your outlook and contribute more to the world and to life in general.

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