Is Sugar the Cause of Your North Carolina Social Security Disability Woes?

July 26, 2011, by Michael A. DeMayo

Lovely, yummy white sugar is in the hotspot – once again – thanks to new research and exposes in papers like New York Magazine. In fact, if the allegations against sweet white powder are true, then many of your problems with North Carolina Social Security Disability – and even our national healthcare crisis – may be tied back, indirectly, to our statewide and national addiction to sucrose, high fructose corn syrup, and other sweeteners.

UCSF pediatric obesity specialist, Dr. Robert Lustig, discussed this thesis in his now famous (and highly provocative) YouTube video lecture, “Sugar: The Bitter Truth” – over 1.5 million hits to-date.

Lustig argues that fructose — when consumed chronically in large quantities, especially in liquid form — can cause insulin resistance and obesity. Fructose overloading basically does to your liver exactly what ethanol alcohol does, biochemically, believe it or not.

Fear not: pounding down a few cans of Coke won’t immediately give you insulin resistance and liver damage. But keep up that behavior – over several years, or decades, depending on your genetic tendencies and other factors – and all that fructose will do to your liver just what heavy drinking does to an alcoholic’s liver. At least, so argues Dr. Lustig.

Science Journalist Gary Taubes, author of a blockbuster piece on the same subject in the April issue of the New York Magazine, “Is Sugar Toxic?” examined Lustig’s work and came out on his side. Taubes even quoted a number of top cancer researchers, who believe that overconsumption of sugar may be at the core – or at least a main contributing factor – of many types of cancer. The doctors Taubes quotes have all sworn off eating sugar as a result. They never touch the stuff because they fear that it might cause cancer. Wow.

Of course, understanding the etiology (cause) of your illness or injury is important. But it’s equally important to get good logistical and legal advice. A creditable and powerful North Carolina Social Security Disability firm can identify good resources and help you make progress towards your goals.

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